“Because I am Furniture” by Thalia Chaltas

Viking, 2009

Told in poetic style, Anke expresses how she feels like furniture because she is ignored by her father. She feels like he loves her sister Yaicha and her brother Darren more because he pays attention to them but is invisible to him.

Despite knowing he sexually abuses her sister and beats up her brother, Anke feels some attention from him would be better than none. Though her father’s rages have gotten worse over the years, her mother, Yaicha and Darren have kept quiet and taken his abuse.

Against her father’s wishes, Anke secretly tries out for volleyball and begins to find strength along with her voice. Through the strength she slowly begins to gain, she learns that her silence is a form of weakness and soon, she is no longer weak.

Recommended for mature High Schoolers.


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