“Fear” by Michael Grant

Katherine Tegen Books, 2012

The newest book in the “Gone” series is just as good as the others. In “Fear,” book 5 of the series, the inhabitants of the FAYZ are faced with a new threat. The gaiaphage is growing weaker, and the barrier reflects that weakness by slowly turning black. When the FAYZ is plunged into sudden darkness, it causes fear and turmoil. No more light means no more fish, no more vegetables, no more food, resulting in chaos.

In the meantime, Drake releases his murderous tentacle on whoever stands in his way as he works to please his master. The gaiaphage wants Diana’s unborn child so it can be born, and Drake will do everything in his power to get her for him. Sam, Caine, Quinn and the others will have to make sure Drake doesn’t get what he wants, but will have to do so in total darkness.

Once more, Grant weaves a tale of horror, terror, fear and mystery, leaving his readers thirsting for more. I can’t wait for the next, and last, installment “Light.” Rumors have it pegged for a 2013 release.

The violence and sexual tensions make it more suitable for grades 9-12 than those written earlier in the series. It seems that Grant’s themes are getting darker with each book.

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