“The Gift” James Patterson

Little, Brown and Company, 2010

In 2009, Patterson came out with “Witch & Wizard,” a brand new series. In it, we learn about Whit and Wisty, ordinary teenagers who are unaware they have inherited magical skills from their parents. They  are kidnapped, along with their parents, by the New Order.  The new dystopian government, run by The One Who Is The One, is determined to get rid of anything and anyone who would dare have a mind of their own. No free thinking is allowed, children are put into jails so they can be brainwashed towards the new thinking, books are  burned, magic is banished, and citizens are brainwashed into believing what The One and the New Order wants them to believe.

Having managed to escape The One’s clutches in book 1, Patterson continues Whit and Wisty’s adventures in “The Gift.” The One is determined to get Wisty’s gift of fire for himself, since he controls all the elements except for it. Despite being captured and thrown into prison numerous times, Whit and Wisty continually find ways to escape. Their goals of freeing as many children as possible while also seeking their imprisoned parents, is what keep them going through the hard times.

In typical Patterson style, each chapter ends in a cliff hanger so readers have an incessant urge to keep reading to find out what happens next. Part 3 “Fire” was recently released, so I had to reread “The Gift” to refresh my memory. This is a good read for grades 5-9 as they will enjoy the series and find they won’t be able to put down their books until they reach the end.


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