“The Fire” James Patterson

Little, Brown and Company, 2011. Hardcover. 336 pp.

In “The Fire,” the third book of the “Witch & Wizard” series, Patterson continues having Whit, Wisty and members of the Resistance battle in the Overworld and the Shadowland. The One is still chasing Whit and Wisty, revealing his desire to claim Wisty’s Gift of Fire so he can become a god. Readers are introduced to Pearce, another crazy and power hungry New Order puppet who kills his victims by disintegrating their faces. He is working for The One to capture Wisty, but has his own agenda.

Whit and Wisty continue to seek out ways to help The Resistance while evading terrors and adventures which would have killed normal people. As their magic grows, they begin to understand a little more about how to control it, which is something The One and Pearce are unwilling to have happen. Desperate to find their parents once more, and find a way to defeat The One and his minions, Whit and Wisty throw themselves into more and more dangerous situations.

The series draws to a satisfying conclusion for the students in grades 5-9 who have been eagerly waiting for it so they can finally find out what happens to their favorite witch and wizard.


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