“Almost Perfect” Brian Katcher

Delacorte Press, 2009. Hardcover. 360 pp.

Logan is expecting his senior year of high school to be a bust. In his tiny town, and even tinier high school, he’ll now have to watch the love of his life who selfishly broke his heart go through her daily life without him by her side. He has no recourse to soothe his agony except for his daily track workouts.

Everything changes when he meets Sage, a new girl who is different, funny, quirky, very cute, yet shy and seemingly scared of her parents. Suddenly, his broken heart is healed as Logan finds himself falling for Sage and wanting to help her with whatever secrets she seems to be hiding. Gradually they warm to each other and, after a few months, he dares to kiss her and feels full of new possibilities – until Sage reveals her big secret. She’s really a boy.

Logan is disgusted, and pushes Sage out of his life. He doesn’t want anyone to think he’s gay, and is angry at her for tricking him. However, he gradually begins to realize their friendship means more to him than what others think, and feels like he might even love her. Unfortunately, what others think has a way of weighing on his mind more than he’d planned and, when Sage really needs his help, Logan is nowhere to be found.

Katcher uses humor and drew on real life teen experiences to write this very touching book for transgender teens showing the problems and experiences they face on a daily basis which include loneliness, suicidal thoughts and rejection. Website resources are included in the Authors Note.

While reading this book, I alternately laughed out loud or reached for a tissue, depending on the situation. Sage is a very believable and lovable character who will, hopefully, make readers see the transgender teen in a whole new light.

Recommended for grades 9-12.


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