“You are my only” Beth Kephart

Egmont, 2011. Hardcover. 240 pp.

Told in alternating voices, “You are my only” is the story of a baby kidnapped in broad daylight, and her grieving mother.

Emma is not quite right in her head, but she loves her Baby. For her, the infant is just called Baby. She leaves Baby alone in her outdoor swing for just a moment and returns to find her gone. No one believes her story and she is arrested and incarcerated in an insane asylum. Throughout all her years there, she has only one thought “Where is Baby?”

Fourteen-year-old Sophie has never gone to school or played outside. She and her mother have moved more times than she can count, and homeschooling is all she has ever known. She never knows what will set off her mother and cause them to move once more. However, her life changes for the better when she secretly leaves the house to spend time with her next door neighbor Joey and his aunts. They accept her as she is, showering her with love and attention, and Sophie wishes she had this kind of life. She is torn between obeying her mother, and fear at getting caught, but begins to question the life she has always led. She decides to find out her mother’s secrets.

Both Emma and Sophie have spent their lives being imprisoned, and both want to be as free as the crows that feature strongly in both of their narratives. “You are my only” is a touching story of love, no matter the cost. Reading about Emma’s fierce love for Baby, and Sophie’s fierce love for life, brought tears to my eyes. Readers from middle to high school will also feel the emotion.

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