“Unforsaken” Sophie Littlefield

“Banished” Book 2. Delacorte Press. 2011. Hardcover. 277 pp.

In this sequel to “Banished,” Hailey, Prairie and little Chub managed to escape Bryce and his gang and began new lives for themselves in Chicago with new identities. Hailey tried to fit in with the boy crazy girls in her area, but felt like part of herself was missing because of Kaz, the handsome son of Anna, Prairie’s friend. He had been left behind in their escape, but Hailey clung to the memory of their final moments together. Unable to resist their attraction for each other, they kept up their relationship with secret phone calls. Unfortunately, Prentiss, Bryce’s boss, found a way to trace their calls and, within a few short moments, Hailey’s life crumbled.

Both Prairie and Chub were kidnapped and taken to Trashtown, and Hailey barely managed to escape the trap. With no one to turn to, she and Kaz decided to figure out their next moves. They found an unlikely ally in Rattler, her crazy “will do anything for a pure bloodline of Banished” father. In love with Prairie for years, he had planned to have her raise a crop of pure bred Banished to carry on the work of Healers and Seers. Infuriated, Rattler planned to make sure no one messed with what belongs to him.

Kidnappings, murders, betrayals, zombie attacks, as well as thrilling action and adventures are stuffed into 277 pages. Littlefield leaves no stone unturned, even adding a few “aha!” moments to keep her readers guessing as to what would happen next to Hailey, Kaz, Chub, Prairie and Rattler.

Fans of “Banished,” and new fans in grades 9-12, will enjoy reading “Unforsaken.”


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