“The Power of Six” Pittacus Lore

“The Lorien Legacies,” Book 2. Penguin Group, 2011. Hardcover. 380 pp.

The first book in the series, “I am Number Four,” introduces us to John Smith, an alien sent to Earth from his planet Lorien. Written by Pittacus Lore, Lorien’s ruling Elder, we learn John is one of Eight Garde who have hidden powers, or legacies, and their planet’s future depends on their survival. However Mogadorians, their alien enemies, have followed them to Earth to stalk and kill them one by one. John is Number Four, and just managed to escape them, after getting help from Number Six and his human friend Sam, in a major battle.

In “The Power of Six,” readers are re-introduced to Numbers Four and Six, as well as Sam, as they try to figure out their next steps. We are also introduced to Number Seven, who has been hiding in a convent in Spain with her Cepan (teacher) for years. When she discovers her legacies, she is determined to leave the convent to do the work for which she had been sent to Earth. Unfortunately, over the intervening years, her Cepan has buried their past, believes they belong in the convent, and refuses to train her for the battles that will arise in their futures.

Told in the varying voices of Numbers Four and Seven, “The Power of Six” gives insight into the present and past lives of Numbers Four, Six and Seven. We take part in their heart stopping adventures and battles as they barely manage to stay one step ahead of the Mogadorians, who seem to be daily increasing in number, as they seek out each other knowing there is power in their unity. The cliffhanger ending, and introductions to Numbers Nine and Ten, left me eagerly anticipating Book 3 “The Rise of Nine,” which will be released this August. With luck, I’ll be able to snag an ARC (Advance Reading Copy) of it at the upcoming ALA conference I’ll be attending in Anaheim.

I know it will only be a matter of time until “The Power of Six” becomes a movie as did its predecessor. I know millions of middle and high school fans will be cheering for it along with me.


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