“Endure” Carrie Jones

Need Series, book 4.” Bloomsbury, 2012. Hardcover. 260 pp.

“Endure” brings to a close the love triangle of Zara, the Pixie King Astley, and her werewolf boyfriend Nick. When last we saw Zara in “Entice,” she had allowed Astley to turn her into his Pixie Queen so she could rescue Nick from Valhalla where he had been taken after being killed in battle.

Now in “Endure,” with Nick safely by her side, Zara’s world continues to fall apart. The evil pixie king Frank, and his pixie army, are determined to continue their war on humans. Zara can’t stand the thought of more people dying but, as the new Queen, it is her duty to fulfill the prophecy that will save the world. Nick wavers between hating her for not being human anymore to loving her because Astley loves her. Meanwhile Astley desperately tries to keep his kingdom together while hiding his feelings for Zara.

The usual love triangle of girl who loves/maybe really likes two guys who hate/are jealous of each other, made popular in the “Twilight” series, continues in “Endure.” Fans of the series will want to read “Endure” to get closure on what’s been happening. Any new high school readers to the “Need” series will have to decide for themselves if they really “need” to read it, or if it’s just a “want.”


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