“The best night of your (pathetic) life” Tara Altebrando

ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) published July 5, 2012. Dutton Books (Penguin Group, Inc.) 239 pp.

It’s the last few days before the seniors graduate, and Mary plans to change the past 4 years of ridicule and scorn. No more will she be the girl no one notices, including the principal. No more will she and her friends be the brunt of loser jokes from the socially popular. She is determined to form a team with her not-so-social friends to compete in the Unofficial Senior Scavenger Hunt, win the coveted Yeti, and beat out those who’d reigned supreme over them for 4 years.

Mary thought getting her team to play and finding the weird items on the list would be tough. However, finding out Patrick is in love with her while her best friend, Winter, has been fooling around with Carson, the love of Mary’s life, adds more drama to the night than was intended. As things progress from bad to pathetic, Mary feels as if it’s her destiny to change the course of the evening to something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Altebrando did a good job detailing the crazy things seniors sometimes do to get attention, along with the not-so-crazy emotions that occur when you get a group of teens together in a car who all have their own ideas of who (and what) is important. It is a humorous read, which students in both middle and high schools will enjoy.


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