“The little woods” McCormick Templeman

ARC (Advanced Reading Copy). Published July 10. 2012. Random House Children’s Books. 324 pp.

Cally’s sister disappeared over 10 years ago, while on a visit to a friend’s house. Both of their bodies were never found…

Cally is now a junior in high school, and has decided to transfer to St. Bede’s. Her sister had disappeared in the woods adjoining the school, and Cally feels if she’s near the area she can figure out what happened that fateful night. Upon arrival, another mystery is presented when she discovers Iris, a fellow student, had disappeared from the school just a few months before her arrival. Cally wonders if the three disappearances are related, and searches for clues.

While trying to investigate this new disappearance, Cally finds romance where she least expected to find it. However, with her fellow students and teachers acting strange and secretive, love has to take a back seat to the craziness in her life. Cally knows something is going on at St. Bede’s, but can’t seem to put her finger on what it could be. It seems that someone, or something, is going to great lengths to make sure its secrets stay hidden forever.

High schoolers will enjoy the strangeness of this mystery interwoven with romance and forbidden activities that only elite high school boarding schools seem to generate.

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