“Momentum” Saci Lloyd

ARC (Advance Reader’s Copy). First released in the UK in 2011. American edition to be published September 15, 2012. Holiday House. 215 pp.

As I was reading “Momentum,” I was struck by its similarities to the classic book “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. Just as in “The Outsiders,” the characters in “Momentum” are separated Rich versus Poor. In “Momentum,” the poor, known as “Outsiders,” have rebelled against the government for its wastefulness, especially concerning energy, and have been forced to live in slum housing, trying to live the best they can. The rich, known as “Citizens,” have all the rights and privileges denied the Outsiders, living in rich houses with cushy jobs supplied by the government, and total ignorance towards what the government does or does not do for them.

Hunter was born to a life of security as a Citizen, but secretly envies the Outsiders for what he perceives to be their great freedom. Through a series of events, he finds himself tangled up in the secret life of Uma, an Outsider who has a life or death errand to perform. If she fails, Outsiders throughout the world will be hunted down and killed by Kossaks, the government’s soldiers who will stop at nothing to make sure the government is always right.

Hunter is caught up in the importance of her errand and, along with his feelings for her, finds his thoughts towards his past life changing. Before he knows it, they are both involved in a race against time to beat out the Kossaks, and save the Outsiders from certain death and destruction.

This exciting dystopian read will keep middle and high schoolers, especially boys, glued to the pages as they eagerly await Hunter and Uma’s next set of adventures, as the cliff hanger ending leaves us all awaiting its sequel.


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