“Racing California” Janet Nichols Lynch

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). Published February 2012. Holiday House. 182 pp.

Evan is in his senior year of high school and has his future all mapped out. He’ll go to college with his girlfriend, become a doctor, and live happily ever after. However his love for bicycling causes his life to take new and unexpected turns.

Bicycling has been in Evan’s blood for years. While working for a summer bicycling tour group he meets his idol Dash Shipley, winner of the Tour de France. Impressed by his riding skills, Evan is signed on as his newest and youngest team member to compete in the Amgen Tour of California and help Dash win. While on tour Evan carves out a place for himself among the veterans, learning about the thrill of victory as well as the agony of defeat.

When Dash is accused of using performance enhancing drugs, Evan feels as if the bottom  has dropped out of his life. Through sheer willpower, and growing maturity, he discovers there’s more to his life than following in the footsteps he’d planned to follow after high school. Realizing it’s time to carve out his own pathway, regardless of what others may think of his plans, Evan is prepared for a brand new future.

“Racing California” has great action sequences of the various stages in this tough race, as well as what goes on in the minds of pro bicyclists, and will be an exciting read for bicycle racing fans aged 12-16, especially boys.


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