“Halo” Alexandra Adornetto

Halo series, Book #1. Feiwel and Friends (Macmillan), 2010. Hardcover. 484 pp.

I picked up this series to read because I got book #3 as an ARC at ALA. It looked interesting and, since I hadn’t read the series, decided to give it a whirl. I really hoped it wouldn’t prove to be a bust like the last series, and was glad that it was actually pretty good.

Bethany, her sister Ivy and brother Gabriel are angels sent from Heaven, assigned to guard the little town of Venus Cove from all things evil. This is her first trip to Earth, and she is excited by the prospect of sampling everything human to savor in her thoughts for eternity.

As those most likely to easier blend into society, Beth and Gabriel entered the local high school as teacher and student. Beth has been repeatedly warned not to attach herself to earthly emotions and people, but disregards everything when she falls in love with Xavier. Soon, Beth has forgotten all about their mission on Earth as she wraps her life around Xavier and plans her every moment around his schedule. It doesn’t take long for her to change from an angel interested in learning about what it’s like to have an actual body on Earth, to one filled with lovestruck emotions.

Overnight, she changed into an obsessive teen girl with no thought for anyone except Xavier. It wasn’t easy to plow through these declarations of love and watch her behavior change, as I realized Beth was now the typical girl in a teen book about which I really hate to read; one bound by her emotions rather than her mind, and who completely lets her life be dictated by a man. I did admire Xavier because, even though he is also in love, he has clarity of mind with both feet firmly and realistically planted on the ground. He is the anchor to Beth’s flightiness. (Hmmm…“Twilight” anyone??)

Luckily, action picks up as the new student, Jake, reveals his demonic qualities. His desire to make Beth love him instead of Xavier pits good against evil and, finally, makes Beth think of someone other than herself. The cliffhanger ending easily lends itself to a part two, which just happens to be called “Hades.” How predictable.


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