“Heaven” Alexandra Adornetto

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). Halo series, Book #3. Feiwel and Friends (Macmillan), Published August 21, 2012. 417 pp.

After being separated when Beth was in Hell, she and Xavier want to make sure they can be together forever, so they decide to get married. This turns out to be not such a great idea as now the Sevens, Heaven’s military order who seek out renegade angels, is after them. Beth and Xavier follow Ivy and Gabriel’s directives to stay out of sight and hole up in a mountainside cabin, but their reprieve lasts just a few days as Beth decides she absolutely must leave the cabin for just a moment of fresh air and that “moment” alerts the Sevens to their presence. It’s classic, disobedient, immature Beth in action once more.

To throw the Sevens off their track, Ivy and Gabriel instruct them to attend college and get lost amongst the crowd. However, even there Beth continues her whiny, insecure ways believing that Xavier wants to throw himself into the arms of beautiful coeds. Her continued insecurity and ridiculous one track mind about Xavier, even though they’re married and even after everything they’ve been through, was enough to make me want to fling the book across the room.

Before long, they are found and spend an inordinate amount of time running from and battling the Sevens. Throw in encounters with Lucifer and Jake, of course brought on by good old Beth and her illustrious habit of acting before thinking, and one begins to have pity on this couple wondering if they will ever get peace in their lives. The largest roadblock set up against their relationship comes when Beth is taken from Xavier and they are forced to contemplate an eternity apart from one another. Whether or not their love can withstand both the forces of good and evil will leave readers eagerly turning pages. We hopeful romantics can’t help but hope, especially when Beth and Xavier have nothing left but hope.


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