“Wolfsbane” Andrea Cremer

Nightshade series, Book #2. Philomel Books (Penguin). 2011. Hardcover. 390 pp.

When last we left Calla in “Nightshade,” she and Shay had been rescued by the Searchers. In “Wolfsbane,” she learns about the lies taught to her by the Keepers, while Shay finds out he is a secret weapon called The Scion that can be used to permanently end the war between the Keepers and Searchers. As The Scion, the Keepers want his death while the Searchers need his power to win.

As Calla learns more about her history she is wracked with guilt over leaving the Pack behind, wondering if they will ever be able to forgive her. Her heart still battles between her love for Shay, along with jumbled feelings towards Ren. However, she still remains a strong woman, not letting herself be ruled entirely by her emotions. When the time comes for a rescue mission to get her Pack out of prison, Calla sets out to bring all of them, including Ren, to safety. What she doesn’t know is that sometimes we don’t always get what we want.

“Wolfsbane” clears up alot of the mysteries taken for granted in “Nightshade,” while adding a few more of its own. There is still action and adventure but, this time, readers get to experience it from the Searchers point of view instead of from the Keepers. High school fans of “Wolfsbane” will be glad to know that “Bloodrose” is the conclusion to this exciting trilogy. I have a copy of it right here, so stay tuned.


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