“Bloodrose” Andrea Cremer

Nightshade series, Book #3. Philomel Books (Penguin). 2012. Hardcover. 406 pp.

With Calla, Shay, and Ren once more united, the task of recovering the rest of the Elemental Cross becomes their main objective. Calla has made it clear she is the only Alpha and will not tolerate Ren or Shay battling over her. She is still torn between loving each, knowing only one can be her true Alpha. Despite the supposed truce, neither Ren nor Shay are still quite able to silence their jealousy towards each other, leading to some interesting outbursts between them.

Adventure after adventure follow Calla, her wolf pack, and the Searchers as they travel the globe seeking the pieces of the cross that will allow them to defeat the Keepers and their evil magic through Shay. The closer they get the more the Keepers fight back, until just one final battle remains. Whoever wins will have control, but neither side is willing to concede defeat. It will have to be a battle to the death.

“Bloodrose” is a thrilling read, filled with battles and adventures, mixed in with wondering what will happen with Calla and her love triangle. Will she choose Ren over Shay, or vice versa? Along with laughter, it also brought tears and will be enjoyed by both male and female high schoolers.


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