“Fish in the Sky” Fridrik Erlings

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). First published in 1998, in Iceland, written in Icelandic. Translated into English for this American edition to be published September 11, 2012. Candlewick Press. 275 pp.

Josh has just turned 13 years old, and begins questioning his role in life while his problems seem to multiply. His parents are divorced, and he misses his dad. He’s jealous of his best friend Peter’s relationship with his father. He questions God and religion. His body is starting to change, which causes great panic as he’s afraid of being different from the other guys. He has a huge crush on one of the most beautiful girls in his class, but is too tongue tied to tell her about his feelings. When his 17 year old cousin comes to live with him, the female body becomes of great interest, and life gets even more confusing for Josh.

“Fish in the Sky” is a coming-of-age story for boys aged 12-14 who are on the cusp of manhood. As they read about Josh’s confusion, and fearfulness for what he’s becoming, they will also see themselves and realize they are not alone. Growing up is sometimes painful, but is a necessary cycle of life.


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