“Pinned” Sharon G. Flake

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). To be published October 1, 2012. Scholastic Press (Scholastic). 228 pp.

Told in alternating voices, “Pinned” tells the love/hate relationship of 9th graders Autumn and Adonis. Autumn is the only female wrestler on her 9th grade team. She loves wrestling, but hates everything else about school because she’s reading on a 6th grade level and is failing math. Wrestling makes her feel powerful and strong, instead of dumb, but her parents tell her if her grades don’t improve she will not be allowed on the team. Autumn doesn’t know what she’ll do if she doesn’t have wrestling. She loves cooking with her best friend Peaches, and planning for their future restaurant, but wrestling is her life.

Adonis was born without legs, and is the smartest student in school. Autumn is in love with him, and is not shy about letting him know this at every possible moment. Adonis does everything he can to avoid Autumn because he thinks she’s too impulsive, talks too much and isn’t smart. He admits she’s good at wrestling, but feels she could do more to improve her grades and believes she is just being lazy.

Autumn and Adonis are complete opposites, but circumstances keep pushing them together. They draw strength, and learn from one another, in surprising ways.

Recommended for ages 11-14.

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