“Blind Spot” Laura Ellen

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). To be published October 23, 2012. Harcourt Children’s Books (Houghton Mifflin). 332 pp.

When sixteen-year-old Roz was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, she felt like everything in her life was turned upside down. She was kicked off the softball team, lost her best friend and couldn’t even read the numbers on her locker without using a magnifying glass. Getting around school and finding people in crowds was difficult. In order to look someone in the eye, she had to focus on the edges of their face because the spots in her eyes got in the way of seeing them directly, leading some to think she was deliberately ignoring them when, in reality, she just couldn’t see them. Life was not looking up for Roz as she desperately tried to show everyone she was normal and didn’t have any problems.

When Jonathan, the handsome star hockey player started paying her attention, Roz ate it up and believed everything he had to say even though she suspected him of being involved with drugs. When she became friendly with Tricia, a recovering addict, she didn’t expect to find that Mr. Dellian, her special needs teacher, seemed to be awfully close with her. She became very suspicious when Tricia disappeared and turned up dead 6 months later.

Roz was sure Mr. Dellian had something to do with Tricia’s death and enlisted Jonathan’s help. Unfortunately, Roz couldn’t remember anything about what happened the night Tricia disappeared, except that they’d argued. Was she missing something important that had happened that night, or could her lack of memory be because she had something to do with Tricia’s death?

“Blind Spot” is not only a good murder mystery, but also does an excellent job educating teen readers 14 and older about Juvenile Macular Degeneration and how it affects eyesight.


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