And the winner (again) is…

Thank you for your comments. I never heard back from the previous winner(s), so the three of you who commented below were entered into the contest, and the winner of the “Dear Teen Me” book and swag is….

Joy!!! Congratulations. Can you feel the joy? 🙂

I will be sending you an email asking for your mailing information. Please respond as soon as possible, as Zest Books has already emailed me asking for my winner’s info.

Thanks to the rest of you for responding.


6 thoughts on “And the winner (again) is…

  1. Youth Librarian says:

    Hi There, I am so excited! Thank you so much! At first I thought the reader was someone named Joy! I am such a doofus! I really appreciate being a winner, I needed it today and I think my kids will really enjoy the book! I want to talk to my writers group about it (after I read it of course) and see if they want to write to your future selves! Anyway, THANK YOU (not yelling, just enthusiastic!) Annie

  2. Youth Librarian says:

    Hi! I just read more on your blog! I am so sorry I did not respond sooner. I only check this email while I am working ( I am a librarian) and I took off Saturday, we are closed on Sunday and Monday and today was my first day back! If you have already shared with someone else I will understand! Thank you for doing giveaways! People like me do really appreciate them!!! Annie

    • Mrs. Mac says:

      Yes, Joy is the new winner. If you decide to enter another contest whether here or elsewhere, use a different email address. I’m a librarian too, and have a separate email address from my work that I use for things not work related.

    • Mrs. Mac says:

      Thanks for sending me your mailing info. I forwarded it to Zest Books, and you should be hearing from them after the 17th. The blog tour ends on that date, so they want all the winners to get their “swag” around the same time. Congratulations again.

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