“Diva” Jillian Larkin

Delacorte Press, 2012. The Flappers, Book #3. 306 pp.

Diva“The Flappers” series is set during Prohibition in the 1920’s, and follows the lives of rich cousins Gloria Carmody, Clara Knowles, and their friend Lorraine Dyer who love partying, drinking forbidden liquor, and living the life of Flapper Girls. Gloria has just been released from jail, and is working as an undercover detective for the FBI trying to find some dirt on Forrest, a rich millionaire so she can really be freed. She is desperate to be reunited with Jerome, but if Forrest finds out what she’s really doing she and Jerome may never see each other again.

Clara has tried hard to forget about the love she feels for Marcus, and wants to let him marry the girl of his dreams, but when Lorraine tells her the real story behind the con artist he is going to marry they decide to work together to rescue him. Unfortunately, Marcus still hates both of them for what they did to him, and is not going to believe anything they have to say. The con artist is not planning to make it easy for them either so, before they know it, both girls are involved in a scheme worthy of the Keystone Cops. We also get a view of what life has been like for Jerome, as Larkin adds his voice to the mix in “Diva.”

Larkin takes the adventures of the three girls from “Vixen”, continues their story in “Ingenue” and brings all to a satisfying conclusion in “Diva.” High school fans of the series and books on the Prohibition era will enjoy reading this fluffy, feel good series.



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