“The Pregnancy Project: A Memoir” Gaby Rodriguez with Jenna Glatzer

Simon & Schuster, 2012. 218 pp.

The Pregnancy ProjectGaby’s mom was 14-years-old when she got pregnant, and was married at fifteen. Divorced after 16 years of marriage and 7 children, she found herself pregnant with Gaby. Gaby had grown up without a father and knew her mother’s story. She watched her older brothers and sisters become teen parents themselves and vowed to never become a statistic. The more she thought about the stereotypes placed on teens, the more she wanted to make a difference. Her own brother believed his genes stated he should be an alcoholic because his father was one, and she realized these stereotypic beliefs existed in many areas. Thus began the idea for her Senior Project.

For her Senior Project Gaby decided to pretend to be pregnant. During her “pregnancy” she would record the comments others said, as well as the reactions of her family and teachers. She only told a few people about her project so reactions to her “pregnancy” would be genuine. She had been an A student, and had thought her actions in the classroom would make the reactions to her “pregnancy” be different. However, she was unprepared for the negativity her peers and family members threw her way. Many times she wanted to give up, but knowing she was making a difference for teen moms of the future kept her strong.

Gaby’s project went on to become a Lifetime movie, and her story is told in this book. Readers age 14 and up should read her book and, hopefully, understand that they can rise up against the stereotypes placed upon them. I’d call it a dark horse for some sort of honor  at the upcoming ALA Media Awards in Seattle.


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