“Envy” Gregg Olsen

Empty Coffin series , Book #1. Splinter (Sterling Publishing). 2011. 285 pp.

EnvyTwins Hayley and Taylor appear to be normal teenagers, but they are hiding a secret. Somehow, they have the ability to discover people’s thoughts, either in the present or the past, by touching objects, concentrating or through various other ways. When their school friend Katelyn is found electrocuted in her bathtub, the twins have a feeling that her death was caused by someone close to them. As they set about proving their hunch and searching for clues they find themselves in the middle of a mystery that concerns something that happened when they were just children. This event is alluded to throughout the book, but Olsen doesn’t get any closer to solving it by the time “Envy” ends.

I had read an ARC of part 2 “Betrayal” back in September and wasn’t too impressed with the series. However, now that I read part one I have a better feeling about it. In fact, I’m planning to reread part 2 in the future to fill in the gaps that usually happen when you read a book out of sequence.

The series is based on real life crimes with a twist of the paranormal. “Envy” is based on the cyberbullying crime committed against Megan Meier.  Fans of detective novels and the paranormal ages 14 and over will enjoy this series.


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