“I am Number Four: The Lost Files, The Legacies” Pittacus Lore

Lorien Legacies series, The Lost Files #1-3, Harper (HarperCollins). 351 pp. (Includes excerpts from the first three books in the series).

I am Number Four The Lost Files The LegaciesThough each of the three stories are short, each definitely packs a punch. “Six’s Legacy” and “Nine’s Legacy” give readers important information that they could only guess at from the other three books in the series. Both Six and Nine narrate, telling us about their lives, and helping us to understand them better.

An interesting surprise was “The Fallen Legacies.” Readers are introduced to Adam and Ivan, two Mogadorian teens living in Washington, D.C. Adam tells about the great legacy of the Mogadorians, and their quest for expansion which necessitated the annihilation of Lorien. Adam’s Mogadorian point of view derailing everything we’ve learned about the Garde makes for interesting reading. We finally get the story of how and why the Mogadorians destroyed Lorien, as well as details of how they  caught up to Numbers One, Two and Three. We also learn something quite interesting about Adam. His story has an open ending, leaving me to feel we haven’t heard the last from him.

Fans of the series ages 12 and up will enjoy reading this new set of prequels, as it helps tie up loose ends left by the earlier books, and gives interesting information – especially about the Mogadorians. I look forward to reading more about my Lorien friends through “The Search for Sam” (The Lost Files #4).


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