“Sacred” Elana K. Arnold

Delacorte Press, 2012. 354 pp.

SacredScarlett’s older brother died suddenly, which means her life has fallen apart and nothing will ever be the same again. Her mother is lost in grief and sleeping pills, while her dad drifts through his days. Scarlett is alone and lost in her own grief, so becomes anorexic to deal with her pain and shuts herself off from life. Her normal teenage high school life has become a burden – until she meets Will.

Will, he of the big, beautiful, green eyes. Will, who causes her heart to race with anticipation, while electricity shoots through her from his kisses. Will, who gives her life new meaning. Life for Scarlett is now full of sunshine and rainbows – even when Will tells her of his strange gift. Nothing can change how she feels about him – even when he dumps her.

Watching Scarlett go through her various “woe is me” phases was quite painful. Her reaction of not knowing what to do with her life anymore when she and Will broke up was the biggest pain of all. Her co-dependence was just like Bella with Edward in “Twilight,” which was just as painful. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to shut the book in frustration, or keep reading to see if she got a grip.

The many emotional ups and downs evinced by Scarlett may be off putting to some, as it was to me, so I will leave it up to readers aged 13 and up to decide if they want to Read it or Not. To give more pain (or joy if you really loved it), Arnold has decided to grace us with part 2, “Splendor,” which is slated to come out in the Fall.

By the end of “Sacred” Scarlett had grown a backbone, but was still co-dependent. It remains to be seen how “Splendor” will play out for her.


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