“The Floater” Sheryl Sorrentino

Sheryl Sorrentino, 2012. 342 p.

The FloaterNormally I don’t read self-published books, but this was sent to me many months ago with a plea for a review. I had many ARC’s and other books to review so had it on the bottom of the pile. Now that I had finally reached it, I figured I owed the author the review. I thought “Who knows? Maybe this will be good.” However, after suffering through it, I remembered why I don’t read unsolicited manuscripts.

“The Floater” tells the story of Puerto Rican 46-year-old Norma Reyes, who managed to make it through law school while taking care of her ill mother and various family members. She takes a job working as a Floating Secretary at a law firm, hoping to be hired on as a lawyer.

While there she meets Oscar, an African American Supervisor in the mailroom, and falls instantly in love. After just a few minutes she’s sure THIS is the man she can love and who will love her. However, one minute she’s madly in love, the next she’s sure Oscar will break up with her. Her constant whining, insecurity, emotional need for a boyfriend, and seesaw of emotions got old very fast. To his credit, Oscar didn’t dump her. I was ready to dump the book, but promised myself I’d read to the bitter end.

When she finds out the law firm never intended to hire her because of her age, race, and socioeconomic background she freaks. Unable and unwilling to take a stand for herself on any issue, she needs Oscar’s prompting to decide to sue the firm. Readers are forced to plow through a long series of rambling text filled with “Does he love me? Is he going to break up with me? Should I stay in my apartment? Should I move? Should I make a commitment to Oscar or not?, “I KNOW he’s going to break up with me”, “Is he going to break up with me? “This is it, he’s going to break up with me.” Do you get my point? As Norma’s seesaw ride of insecurities continued, I wanted to jump off the seesaw and run screaming but held tight and plowed on because I’d promised myself I’d finish – no matter what.

I managed to finish, despite the numerous grammatical and spelling errors and bad storyline, but I’ll warn you that if you decide to read it you may choose to stop after her first “I’m no good, woe is me, he’s going to break up with me” speeches.  I won’t blame you. In addition to not liking the book, I also really, really disliked the cover. A woman sitting on a toilet with a pair of thongs dangling between her knees while writing on a pad does not invoke good things to go along with the title “The Floater.” Just saying…

I’ll leave it up to you Adult readers to decide if you want to Read it or Not. I should have Not.


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