The ALA Media Awards aka “The Librarian Oscars”

As promised, I’m reporting LIVE from the ALA Media Awards here in dark, chilly & drizzly Seattle Washington. It’s 7:35 am (PST). Flew in for ALA’s Midwinter Conference Friday night, and leave later today. However, no visit to Midwinter is complete without a stop at The ALA Media Awards, aka The Librarian Oscars. If you’d like to follow and see it for yourself, ALA has a live webcast you can view.

After the Awards, I’ll post the winners here by category. This is so exciting! Enjoy!


Author: Mrs. Mac

As a School Librarian, I was Co-Chair of REFORMA's (The National Association to Promote Library Services to the Latinos and Spanish Speaking) CAYASC (Children & Young Adult Services Committee) for 2 yrs. As Co-Chair, I was in charge of all things YA. I have been a member of YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) for many years, and have worked as a school librarian for many years. When I'm not blogging, I like to read, run, race and sing - not necessarily in that order. My blog reviews books I enjoyed (or didn't enjoy), which leaves you to ask yourself "Should I Read it or Not?"

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