“Eve & Adam” Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate

2012. Feiwel and Friends (Macmillan). 291 pp.

Eve&AdamEve’s life changes forever the day she is run over by a car, almost dies, and enters the sanctuary of her mother’s research facility. She and her very overbearing, unemotional scientist mother have always been at odds with each other. However, after Eve’s accident, her mother insists on removing her from a regular hospital and housing her in the research facility to accelerate the healing process. Eve is hopeful they will spend more time together but, instead, Eve is tasked with creating the perfect man.

Using her great knowledge of genetics, and the amazing technology laid out before her, Eve creates Adam. By using every tool at her hands, and a great deal of imagination, Adam turns out to be the most perfect of men. He’s so perfect, Eve has a hard time forming coherent thoughts whenever she’s around him.

While working on Adam, Eve meets mysterious Solo. He is also incredibly handsome, awakening feelings in her she didn’t even know existed. Debating the merits of each soon takes a back burner when Eve is caught up in strange happenings within the facility. Solo knows something that will soon put her whole future in jeopardy.

“Eve & Adam” is full of action and interesting theories, including how far one can go in the name of science. It will quickly engross readers aged 13 and up.


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