“Me, Him, Them, and It” Caela Carter

ARC Advance Reading Copy. Published February 26, 2013. Bloomsbury. 369 pp.

MeHimThemandItEvelyn hates her lawyer mother for never talking to her, and her father for having an affair. She hates him for returning and both of them for getting back together and making their house a Silent House filled with their silences towards each other. So, to get back at them, she decides to become Bad Evelyn. Bad Evelyn drinks, smokes pot and has sex. Despite her best intentions, her parents don’t even notice she’s being Bad.

As part of her Bad Girl image, Evelyn makes it seem like she’s sleeping around, but she’s only been with Todd. He wants their relationship to be kept a secret from his family and her friends. Evelyn is hurt, but hides her feelings for him and for the situation – just like she does with everything and everyone in her life. When she gets pregnant during unprotected sex, she decides to hate the “bean” growing inside her body. She hates “it” for ruining her life, and doesn’t know if she should get rid of it, become a teen mom, or give it away. Todd refuses to help, her best friend is angry at her, she can’t relate to her parents, and she feels alone in her quest to figure out what to do. Her Silent House never taught her to show emotion, or how to talk, and her fears overwhelm her on a daily basis.

As Evelyn rides a seesaw of emotions, readers are drawn into the confused state of unwed teen moms, seeing through her eyes the reactions of parents and teen dads-to-be, and the overwhelming amount of decisions that need to be made with an unplanned teen pregnancy. Readers aged 14 and older, especially those in similar situations, will want to read “Me, Him, Them, and It.”


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