“Crossed” Ally Condie

Matched #2. Dutton Books (Penguin). 2011. 367 pp.

CrossedTold in alternating voices, Cassia and Ky recount their experiences in the Outer Provinces. Cassia has gotten herself assigned to a work detail, in the hopes of finding out where the Society has sent Ky. She is determined to find him, no matter the cost. In camp, she meets Indie who is just as eager to leave the work camp and make her way to The Rising. She and Cassia decide to take matters into their own hands and find their way to what they each seek.

Meanwhile, Ky has his hands full trying to stay alive because the Society has sent him and other Abberations to die in a futile battle against their enemy. Along with Vick, and young Eli, they escape their assigned battlestation and head towards the unknown. Ky is determined to find Cassia, while the others seek The Rising.

Against all odds, the two groups are reunited and face an uncertain future of running and hiding from the Society as they determine whether or not to join The Rising. The Rising is foremost in all of their minds, but for different reasons. Each will have to decide its importance, as their decisions will determine their future.

Unlike book 1 in the series, “Crossed” is a much better read, filled with life and death decisions, action, romance, pain, betrayal and more. Readers aged 14 and older, especially boys, will enjoy it and reach immediately for its exciting conclusion “Reached.”


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