“Reached” Ally Condie

Matched #3. Dutton Books (Penguin). 2012. 512 pp.

ReachedNow back in The Society, Cassia works as a double agent for The Rising, Xander continues in his medic role (also a double agent), and Ky openly flies missions for The Rising. Xander still has feelings for Cassia, but she only has eyes for Ky.

An unexpected Plague outbreak reunites the trio, but in ways they had never expected. With Ky and thousands of others slowly dying, it is up to Cassia and Xander to come up with a cure. Everything seems to be conspiring against them, but Cassia is determined to hang on to Ky as long as she can not realizing she is also losing Xander in her fight to save Ky. Time is running out for all of them, as the Plague claims more victims each day.

“Reached” is action packed, thought provoking, and filled with emotion. Readers aged 14 and older will find themselves racing to its satisfying conclusion.


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