“Overthinking the Marathon” Ray Charbonneau

Y42K Book Publishing Services. 2012. 260 pp.

OverthinkingTheMarathon“Overthinking the Marathon” is made up of various blog posts written in preparation for the author’s running of the Cape Cod Marathon. Ray has been competing in various races of all distances for many years, and wants to run a Boston Qualifying (BQ) time at his upcoming marathon. He decides to experiment, and “Overthinking the Marathon” is the result.

Charbonneau can’t get his head around what type of training he wants to do for Cape Cod, seesawing back and forth between running hard when he should be resting, testing new methods when old ones worked fine, bemoaning his age, and generally over thinking everything. Beginner runners using his program would be completely confused and injured before they reached the starting line, while more established runners might want to try some of his methods with the caveat that they might get a BQ but could also get sidelined with injuries.

This book is not for the faint-hearted. If you’re an established runner who wants to train for a BQ the Charbonneau Way, using unorthodox methods of running/racing/training through ultras, 5 milers, 5 k’s and Yasso 800’s while also cross training on a bike and using bunnies for inspiration, then this book is for you.

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