“Force Out” Tim Green

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). Published March 5, 2013. Harper. 282 pp.

ForceOutSixth graders Joey and Zach are the best of friends. Not only are they as close as brothers, but both share a love for baseball – eating, sleeping and breathing the game. When a chance comes for them to compete for a spot on an exclusive team, they jump at it. However since Zach is not doing too well in Science, he will have to miss the game to go on an extra credit field trip. Always ready to help out his friend, Joey decides to use his great scientific knowledge to come up with a foolproof plan that will cancel the trip and enable Zach to compete.

In time guilt, the beginnings of a budding romance turning into an unwelcome threesome, and the ever present pressure of competing against each other soon causes the green eyed monster to rear its ugly head. The boys will have to grow up faster than they’d planned if they want to keep baseball, and their friendship, alive.

Readers, especially boys aged 9-12, will enjoy reading “Force Out.”


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