“Neptune’s Tears” Susan Waggoner

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). Timedance#1. To be published June 25, 2013. Henry Holt & Co. 218 pp.

Neptune'sTearsIn this interesting new series, readers are introduced to 17-year-old Zee in a futuristic London. She is an empath, trained to help heal people through connecting with their minds. Since empath’s minds have to always be focused on their jobs and patients, she has never had a real relationship, but everything changed the day she met David. There was something about him that made her feel like she’d always known him and they belonged together.

Unfortunately David is an alien. Ever since aliens came to Earth Zee had disliked them because she blamed them for her father’s changed attitude at home and towards the family. He was sure the aliens would bring hope and change to the world, but that didn’t happen. As a result, he got more and more depressed. However, despite her initial resistance, she found herself falling in love.

Circumstances seem to be conspiring to tear them apart, as London is continually under attack from anarchists and David has to return to his own planet within a few months. Zee is desperate to keep them together, but time is running out.

Readers aged 14 and older will soon be caught up in Zee and David’s desperate romance, and the interesting variables seen in a futuristic world.


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