“Strangelets” Michelle Gagnon

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). Published April 9, 2013. Soho Teen. 274 pp.

StrangeletsThree seventeen-year-olds find themselves united in a strange place when a mysterious void opens up and sucks them out of their world into a new one. In their normal lives Sophie was on her death bed, Declan was about to be shot for a small-time robbery, while Anat was trying to escape life as an Israeli soldier to join her Palestinian fiancé. No one expected to be reunited in a parallel universe where the world looked like no one had lived in it for centuries, dinosaur-like creatures roamed the Earth, no other humans remained alive and they were in a race for their lives.

Gagnon’s terror filled primary characters, eerie secondary characters and cliff-hanger ending chapters will keep even the most reluctant of readers anxiously turning pages to see what next happens to them. The twists and turns of “Strangelet’s'” plot along with similarities to Jurrasic Park and The Planet of the Apes weave together to create an enthralling read. Gagnon cunningly leaves some unanswered questions which beg for a sequel. I’m sure reader demand will soon have one written.

Readers aged 12 and older will enjoy this spine tingling race to its thrilling conclusion. I certainly did.


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