“Light” Michael Grant

Gone Series #6. Katherine Tegan Books (HarperCollins). 2013. 413 pp.

The gaiaphage has taken up residence in the body of Gaia, Diana and Caine’s daughter. Worried that Little Pete will find the means to return through someone else’s body and destroy her, she plans to kill everyone in the FAYZ so he won’t have a body to inhabit. Once the FAYZ is gone, she will go on to kill everyone on Earth and rule forever. With death and destruction raining around them, Sam and Caine will have to finally bury their mutual distrust to find a way to destroy the gaiaphage.

In this last book of the very exciting “Gone” series, showcasing a dystopian world one hopes to never inhabit, Grant pulls out all the stops in this continuing war of good versus evil. Readers 14 and older will find themselves shedding tears as favorite characters are lost to the gaiaphage’s ever increasing powers while others unexpectedly rise to the challenge of fighting for her defeat. It is a fitting tribute to those who fought, loved and suffered through life in the FAYZ, and I was sad to see it end.



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