“Going Vintage” Lindsey Leavitt

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). Published March 6, 2013. Bloomsbury Children’s Books. 312 pp.

GoingVintageMallory is in her junior year of high school, is in love with Jeremy, and has wrapped her whole life around him. Life is good, until she finds out he has been cyber cheating on her with another girl and her life is turned upside down. While going through her grandmother’s things, Mallory finds a list she wrote in 1962 of things she’d planned to accomplish during her junior year. Mallory takes the list as a sign that she is meant to live in the more “simpler” life of 1962, a time without technology of any kind. After all, if it wasn’t for technology, Jeremy wouldn’t have cheated, her Friendspace page wouldn’t be filled with hateful comments, and nosy people wouldn’t be sending her texts to get the latest gossip. Thus began her ban on technology.

It doesn’t take her long to discover that not having a computer, cordless phone, cell phone or any other modern technological gadget makes life quite difficult, however, she is determined to make something of her life through her grandmother’s list. Life soon gets a lot more interesting, as her lack of using technology begins to take a back seat to what really happened in 1962 and to the unforeseen twist her own life soon takes.

“Going Vintage” started out a bit on the slow side, but picked up a bit towards the end. Readers in the 12-15 year old set might enjoy it, and may also want to challenge themselves to see how long could they survive without modern technology.

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