“The Moon and More” Sarah Dessen

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). Published June 4, 2013. Viking (Penguin Group). 435 pp.

TheMoonandMoreEmaline lives in a small beach town where nothing ever changes. She envies the summer tourists who escape from their lives, and wishes she could have changes of her own. Always afraid to try something new, Emaline quickly gets more changes than she’d ever expected when her estranged father comes to visit for the summer, she becomes a big sister for the first time, and breaks up with Luke, the love of her life, while finding new love with Theo on the same day. Interspersed with her romantic life and battle of the wills with her father is sadness at having to leave her best friends behind coupled with nervousness about starting college  in a few short months. Her last summer before college is turning out to be full of changes, and she’s not sure if they’re good or bad.

Sarah Dessen’s latest book is full of everything we’ve come to expect from this great YA author. She doesn’t disappoint, as “The Moon and More” will instantly grab readers ages 14 and older.


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