“The Loop” Shandy Lawson

ARC (Advanced Reading Copy). Published April 30, 2013. Disney Book Group. 198 pp.

TheLoopHave you ever seen the movie “Groundhog Day?” If so, you’ll remember Bill Murray’s character having to relive every day as if it was Groundhog Day with very humorous results. “The Loop” takes the idea of reliving the same day over and over, but adds a dark twist.

Sixteen-year-old Ben and Maggie hit it big at the OTB, but never got a chance to enjoy their winnings because they were robbed and shot dead by Roy, a killer and career thug. Unable to stay dead, Ben and Maggie get to relive their day and deaths over and over, caught in a Time Loop. Desperate to change the outcome of what will inevitably happen to them at the hands of Roy, they try all sorts of ways to defeat Fate, but The Loop always brings them back to Roy and their deaths.

After weeks of living in the same, endless loop, Ben and Maggie have fallen in love but don’t seem to be any closer to changing their fates. It takes awhile but they manage to change some aspects and can only hope that, by doing so, they’ll be able to cheat Fate, escape death, and get to enjoy life together. However, they haven’t counted on Roy’s Time Loop.

“The Loop” will keep readers aged 12 and older, even reluctant readers, on the edges of their seats hoping that, this time, Ben and Maggie will outsmart Roy and The Loop.


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