“Joni & Ken: An Untold Love Story” Ken and Joni Eareckson Tada with Larry Libby

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). Published April 2, 2013. Zondervan. 185 pp. Includes Resources and Notes.

Joni&KenIn 1967, when Joni was 17 years old, she dove off a floating raft and broke her neck. Her story of life as a quadriplegic was told in her 1976 book “Joni.”

In “Joni & Ken,” readers are introduced to Ken Tada, the man who would become Joni’s husband. We read about their courtship and marriage as they spare no punches in telling of tough times faced and battles fought to keep their marriage together. Whether struggling with caring for someone with quadriplegia, facing weakness from the effects of cancer and chemotherapy, or glorying in shared victories, Joni and Ken get their strength from God. Their love for each other shines through, enabling them to face whatever lies before them.

“Joni & Ken” speaks to all adult readers, especially married couples, reminding them of God’s Love, Strength and Faithfulness, and how He will never give them more than they can handle.


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