“Nantucket Blue” Leila Howland

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). Published May 7, 2013. Hyperion. 294 pp.

NantucketBlueSeventeen-year-old Cricket has had a crush on Jay since 8th grade. He is going to Nantucket for the summer, so when she is invited to join her best friend Jules and her family there, she is overjoyed. She knows this will be THE summer for her and Jay to get together, and daydreams of their romantic summer life. Unfortunately a tragedy occurs in Jules’ life which puts Nantucket out of the picture for Cricket.

Undeterred Cricket finds her own way to Nantucket but, while there, discovers she has lost her best friend and is in danger of losing herself too. While trying to find what went wrong with her life, she discovers new strengths she didn’t know she had and finds herself falling for another guy. However, since this new guy could cost more than she’d planned for a summer romance, Cricket will have to decide if she really wants to rock the boat of her life or stay on the same path she’s followed for 17 years

I love, loved, loved this book, and couldn’t put it down. I was completely wrapped up in Cricket’s teen angst and summer heartache/romance, and know teen girls aged 14 and older will love it too. It’s a great summer read.


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