“The Color of Rain” Cori McCarthy

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). Published May 14, 2013. Running Press. 352 pp.

TheColorofRainRain’s Earth is a cloudy, unforgiving planet. There is no place for laughter and life in a world gone dead. Half the population is missing, taken away by the police for being “Touched,” while the rest struggle to put food on their tables and survive. The Touched have lost their grip on reality, existing in a mindless shell. Fear of contagion and superstition have led to their extinction.

Her young brother Walker is Touched, but Rain will do anything to protect him from those seeking a reward to turn him in to the police. With her father, mother and brother gone, Walker is all she has left.

Desperation leads her to make a deal with Johnny, a Starship Captain she meets in a bar. He promised to take her and Walker to The Edge, where she can seek medical help for him. In return, she will give him her virginity and be his “girl.” What she doesn’t find out, until too late, is that Johnny runs a prostitution ring on board his spacecraft, and she has made a deal with the devil.

“The Color of Rain” is nonstop action filled with the horror of prostitution life, and Rain’s fear of setting off the abusive time bomb known as Johnny. This, along with her confusion at falling in love with someone else, while trying to keep Walker and thousands of Touched alive, will keep readers on the edges of their seats.

*Mature Science fiction fans aged 17 and older will love it. (*NOTE: Contains Mature subject matter)


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