“Death, Dickinson, and the Demented life of Frenchie Garcia” Jenny Torres Sanchez

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). Published May 28, 2013. Roaring Press. 271 pp.

DeathDickinsonandtheDementedLifeofFrenchieGarciaSeventeen-year-old Frenchie is obsessed with death. She lives near a cemetery, so constantly sees funeral processions. Every time one goes by she wonders how they died, what they look like in their casket, what happens when they’re buried, and other morbid thoughts. She also spends her free time in the cemetery talking to the grave of Emily Dickinson. Not THE Emily Dickinson, but a great stand in for Frenchie’s love of Emily’s death poems.

One night, out of the blue, Andy Cooper (the love of her life) asks her to hang out with him. They have a Great Adventure leaving Frenchie aglow with thoughts of their future. Unfortunately Andy commits suicide, and a part of Frenchie (along with their future) dies with him.

Torres Sanchez does an excellent job probing Frenchie’s tortured thoughts about Andy, Emily, and death, helping readers make sense of their own tangled feelings for life and the problems it sometimes holds.

For Mature readers, aged 16 and older.


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