“Sinners and the Sea: An untold story of Noah’s wife” Rebecca Kanner

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). Published April 2, 2013. Howard Books (Simon & Schuster). 304 pp.

SinnersandtheSeaBorn with a disfiguring birthmark on her face, the unnamed girl child faces a life of prejudice and fear in her small desert village. Abandoned by her mother, and raised by her father, none will draw near for fear of her demon-like powers. With no hope for her future or for marriage, no one is more surprised than she when her father gives her in marriage to a 600 year old man named Noah. In return, he will take her far away where no one can see her demon face ever again.

Noah is prophet in Sorum, a village filled with prostitutes and sinners, none of whom listen to his ramblings about the God of Adam and His coming judgement. As the years pass she desperately wishes for a name of her own, but obediently gives Noah three sons, always living in fear that her secret mark will be revealed and her life lost because of it. Even as Noah begins to builds an ark of which his God has spoken, the villagers continue their sinful merrymaking and unbelieving laughter. Soon, the rains begin to fall as the sea begins to rise, and her world is forever changed…

Kanner has taken the ancient story of Noah and the Flood and mixed it with a dose of mythology and imagination to create a tale filled with fresh breath and insight. Adult readers will find her views on Sorum and its sinners quite interesting, as well as her choices for what happens to Noah’s wife through her loves and loses while bravely seeking a name for herself.

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