“The Rising” Kelley Armstrong

Darkness Rising #3. 2013. Harper. 407 pp.

TrilogyWhen last we saw Maya and her friends in “The Calling,” they had survived a forest fire and helicopter crash which landed them on an island in the middle of nowhere. While dealing with their supernatural powers they also had to contend with the St. Clouds, the corporation who had arranged for them to conveniently disappear.

In “The Rising,” Maya, Daniel and Corey are trying to lose themselves in the big city while figuring out how to rescue the others who had been recaptured. Maya is confused about her feelings for Rafe and Daniel, discovers her long lost twin brother, and gets herself recaptured. Of course the crew manages to escape their captors again here and there because what would be the fun in reading of their adventures if they don’t get to have any?

I was on the edge of my seat following the friends on their adventures and narrow escapes to their renewed captures and more narrow escapes. Armstrong’s characters are well developed, and I found myself missing them when I turned the last page.

Fourteen and older fans of the series must read “The Rising” to get closure, while new fans will definitely want to run out and get the other two books in the series. I can’t wait to see what else Armstrong has up her sleeve in the future.




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