“Paradox” A.J. Paquette

ParadoxARC (Advance Reading Copy). Published June 25, 2013. Random House. 231 pp.

It is the year 2041. A planet called Paradox has been discovered, and is shown to be equal to Earth in all respects. With great excitement, a landing party is sent to explore and set up a new civilization. Within a short timeframe, members of the research team get sick from a mysterious illness and begin to die. The mission is aborted but, sixteen years later, scientists are ready to try again.

Sixteen-year-old Ana awakes on a strange planet with no idea how she got there. She seems to have a strange kind of amnesia and, with just a strange letter, a pack filled with tools and food, and an electronic map, she discovers her mission is to reach The Colony. Not knowing what dangers lie before her Ana is, nevertheless, excited and ready for action. Before long, she meets Todd, Chen and Ysa, other teens on the same mission, and they decide to join forces.

Unbeknownst to them, a strange, gigantic, murderous worm is loose on Paradox and has them in their sights. Paradox has been cleared of all life forms, so no one knows where the worm came from or why it’s hunting them. Details like that don’t matter, as the four of them soon find themselves fighting and running for their lives to reach the safety of the colony before the worm destroys them. The future of Earth depends on their safety.

Fans 12 and older will enjoy this action packed drama.

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