“As she left it” Catriona McPherson

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). Published June 8, 2013. Midnight Ink. 346 pp.

AsSheLeftItOpal has not returned to her childhood home since she was 12 years old and escaped her alcoholic mother to live with her dad and evil stepmother. Now 25, and coming off a bad relationship, she is looking to jumpstart her life. Everything seems to be going in her favor when she receives word that she’s inherited her childhood home after her mother’s death. Opal is excited to think she can start over from there.

From the beginning, things seemed strange. Craig, a 3 year old boy she’d babysat, had disappeared 10 years ago. No one knew who had snatched him off the street. Seeing how his disappearance devastated his grandmother and grandfather, as well as all the neighbors, Opal is determined to find out what happened to him. While investigating this mystery, she finds another in an antique bed she had purchased containing secret, hidden messages. While searching for the other half she uncovers a strange old lady with secrets of her own and a strange neighbor who seems to be more than just a new neighbor.

There are too many secrets and mysteries weighing Opal down but, when she starts receiving threatening letters and messages to back off, Opal realizes someone doesn’t want these mysteries to be revealed. She will have to decide if it’s worth her life to keep digging at the truth.

This book is a great whodunnit, and will thrill adult mystery fans. I enjoyed it, and kept thinking I knew who did it, but then would be proven wrong. McPherson built up the action tremendously, and gave her readers something to look forward to on each page.


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