“Beautiful Redemption” Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

BeautifulRedemption“Beautiful Creatures,” Book 4. Little Brown and Company. 2012. 451 pp.

I have waited a long time to finally find out what happened to Ethan after he stepped off the tower to Restore the Order of Things in book 3, “Beautiful Chaos,” and couldn’t wait to start reading. I was soon lured back into the Caster world.

Lena is heartbroken. Ethan is gone, but she refuses to believe he  is really gone. She is sure he will return to her. Ethan has found his mother again in the Otherworld, and though he loves her dearly, he wants to return to Lena. He can’t believe that, at the age of 17, he’ll spend the rest of his life away from her and their futures. Just when hope seems to have faded, he finds out there is a way to return to Lena. However, it is dangerous and may not prove to be correct. Ethan doesn’t care. He loves Lena and will do anything to return to her.

Thus begins Ethan’s adventures to escape his life in the Otherworld to return to Lena and the Land of the Living. Garcia and Stohl leave no stone unturned, as they tie up all loose ends into a neat package to end the series with a bang. Readers aged 14 and older will be as sad as I was to have the series end, and will be anxiously looking forward to anything else written by these great authors.


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