“Forevermore” Cindy Miles

ARC (Advance Reading Copy). Published July 1, 2013. Point (Scholastic). 282 pp.

ForevermoreSixteen-year-old Ivy’s mom has just married a Scottish Laird (Lord), and moved her from South Carolina to an ancient, forbidding castle in the Scottish Highlands. From her first moment, Ivy senses a dark, foreboding presence in the castle, evidenced by her new great-grandmother’s dark, evil looks and behavior.

Ivy soon finds herself haunted by a ghost, who is determined to get her to leave the castle. Undaunted, she stands her ground and meets Ian, a handsome 18 year old who was murdered over 200 years ago. Ian senses an evil darkness surrounding the castle, and decides it is his duty to protect Ivy. Despite their age differences, (along with the fact that he IS a ghost), Ivy finds herself falling in love with him. It seems impossible to love a ghost, but she can’t help herself.

However, the dark, brooding presence is trying to kill Ivy and her mom and will stop at nothing to succeed. She and Ian seem to be running out of time, as only by discovering the secret of the evil that lies within the Castle and its grounds can she hope to rescue herself, her mom and, hopefully, solve the mystery of Ian’s murder.

I loved, loved, loved this book, and was so sad to have it end. I can’t wait to see what else Cindy comes up with in the future, and know teen readers aged 12 and older will also have the same thoughts.


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